The Importance of Transmission Fluid

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The engine of an automobile is a sophisticated internal combustion system that generates an enormous amount of heat. Transmission fluid, like oils, is a lubricant that protects the working parts of the transmission from damage by keeping the transmission both lubricated and cool. With all of the moving parts that make up a transmission, it is important to keep the gears from grinding against each other by keeping them well lubricated. Transmission fluid will eventually build up a considerable amount of debris from doing its job, which will affect the acceleration and gear shifting. When transmission fluid goes bad, the transmission will be running at a vulnerable temperature. It is important to check your transmission fluid on a regular basis, as a transmission failure is the most expensive automotive problem to repair. To evaluate your transmission fluid, simply perform a colour check. Good transmission fluid has a red colour; brown indicates a dangerous fluid. Problems with shifting gears will also be an obvious sign that your transmission fluid needs to be replaced. For more information on transmission fluid and for help on how to maintain your transmission, come speak with the expert technicians at Frank’s Transmission. 2272 HWY 144 in Chelmsford.

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